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To see a  Race Equalities Council or equivalent returned to Cornwall.



Promote and provide the education of Black History and awareness in Education (including HE), community and workplace settings.



Provide equality, diversity and anti-racism training to upskill governors, managers and the work force to increase awareness.


To help embed a culture of zero tolerance to racism in Cornwall.


Support and encourage celebration of BAME Culture in Cornwall.


To work in partnership with organisations (e.g. The Council, The

Police, Citizens Advice, NHS, Mental Health and other key partnerships) to ensure a visible, fair and appropriate representation of BAME residents throughout Cornwall.


To support and challenge the strategic direction of the local authority, regarding BAME inequalities and activities.


To challenge injustice and racial bias within the judicial system.


To Support Health and Social Care, community and wellbeing projects.


To facilitate BAME businesses, employment and enterprises within Cornwall.

Following the global rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 the black community in Cornwall felt empowered enough to begin raising their voices to bring much needed change and drive to bringing about an actively anti - racist County. Challenging authorities, institutes and organisations across all sectors, as well as holding them to account, is a vital step towards achieving our Key Aims. Developing effective partnerships and reviving the Race Equalities Council are also crutial initiatives we look to achieve.



Beresford Lee brings a wealth of knowlege and vision to Black Voices Cornwall and is the current Strategic Director of the organisation. With over 40 years experience in business and project management Beresford dedicated much of his time behind the scenes ensure the organisation remains streamlined. Beresford is one of the lead facilitators and delivers much of the training and development projects. During time off Beresford enjoys spending time with his boys and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

Abi Hutchinson is a fashion design graduate from University of Arts London, is the Cultural Lead for Black Voices Cornwall and also heads up the events team of Black Voices Cornwall. Abi is a tremendous role model for young women of colour in Cornwall being one of the youngest Company Directors in the Country. Abi also has a passion for showcasing and celebrating a varity of cultures and is a champion for Race Equality. Abi is the genious behing the BVC initiatives 'Colourful Conversations Series' and 'Playing the Race Card'. In her spare time Abi enjoys reading and spending time with family. 

Retired Royal Navy Medic Marcus Alleyne now dedicates his time to music and education. Marcus moved to Cornwall in 1995 and is the the current Director of Communications for BVC as well as heading up the team responsible for challenging the Legal and Judicial system here in Cornwall. Marcus sits on a number o EDI Panels within the region, giving a clear and balanced view of racism and its effects here in the Duchy. In his spare time Marcus enjoys time on the Hockey Pitch as a qualified England Hockey Umpire and is also a dab hand in the kitchen he enjoys spending time with his family, who continue to be the motivation behind his work with Black Voices Cornwall.

Joyte Brown is the Community Engagement Director for Black Voices Cornwall: Her role is to ensure that Black Voices Cornwall are responding to local voices, engage businesses and organisations in partnership projects, increasing awareness of who we are so that potential service users can find us and generally doing what she can to support the amazing work of the rest of the team.Joyte is a marketing manager for a corporate events company by day and has several years working in education as a teacher and facilitator, both here in Cornwall and in London.Joyte is passionate about empowering people and believes that education and empathy is key to create a healthy and happy society.

Helen Hutchinson is one of the founding Directors of Black Vocies Cornwall and sits as the current Director of Education. Helen was responsible for the first major BVC project which saw Bitesized Black History Curriculum Resources delivered into over 170 Cornish Primary Schools. Helen is the Training and Development Lead for Black Voices Cornwall and oversees all of Education training and delivery projects. Helen is the proud mother of two dual heritige children and brings a unique perspective to the the organisation. Helen also offers specialist private tuition and in her spare time enjoys walking the costal paths of Cornwall.  

Safeguarding within Black Vocies Cornwall is our number one priority, and is the responsibility of everyone. It is the policy of Black Voices Cornwall that all Assurance Board Members, Executive and Non Executive Directs and anyone who delivers oin behalf of BVC undergoes an enhanced DBS and is expected to have completed Level 2 Safeguarding training as a minimum. More information can be found within our safeguarding policy.