A Voice for ALL ethnicities

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To create and establish a  Race Equalities Council.



Promote and provide the education of Black History and awareness in Education (including HE), community and workplace settings.



Provide equality, diversity and anti-racism training to upskill governors, managers and the work force to increase awareness.


To help embed a culture of zero tolerance to racism in Cornwall.


Support and encourage celebration of BAME Culture in Cornwall.


To work in partnership with organisations (e.g. The Council, The

Police, Citizens Advice, NHS, Mental Health and other key partnerships) to ensure a visible, fair and appropriate representation of BAME residents throughout Cornwall.


To support and challenge the strategic direction of the local authority, regarding BAME inequalities and activities.


To challenge injustice and racial bias within the judicial system.


To Support Health and Social Care, community and wellbeing projects.


To facilitate BAME businesses, employment and enterprises within Cornwall.

Following the global rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 the black community in Cornwall felt empowered enough to begin raising their voices to bring much needed change and drive to bringing about an actively anti - racist County. Challenging authorities, institutes and organisations across all sectors, as well as holding them to account, is a vital step towards achieving our Key Aims. Developing effective partnerships and reviving the Race Equalities Council are also crutial initiatives we look to achieve.



Our three tier affiliation system allows organisations and members of our community to support us in a number of ways. Black Voices Cornwall currently offers four Executive Director positions at tier one which are currently held by Beresford Lee, Abi Hutchinson, Marcus Alleyne and Helen Hutchinson. 


Tier two offers membership to individuals and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Tier three offers membership to the local and wider community in Cornwall and a number of individuals who offer continued support in our fight against racism.